Ready ! Steady ! Sathguru !

Every day, early in the morning, holding a cup of hot coffee and staring at the road from the balcony thinking when I receive the announcement of going back to work, will I jump with joy?

The present pandemic situation is constantly changing and will continue to be so for some more time. It’s always important to set boundaries based on the current situation. Going back to Sathguru may come with benefits like less loneliness which is skyrocketing, reduced anxiety, taking regular breaks to rejoice, social interaction and of course a firm boundary that is created between work and home life – The work life balance at Sathguru

What’s up at Sathguru ? 

It goes without saying, every office culture will be different and unique. For many, return Work life balance at Sathguru with new normal, the impact of COVID-19to workplace might even carry some level of stress and anxiety. People might think if it’s safe during pandemic ? Will I get Sick ? Do I carry a risk returning home, due to COVID-19 ? I would say relax, as every office is following safety protocol ensuring to create a safer environment to work such as mandatory temperature check, vaccination for their associates, hand sanitizers at designated places, wearing mask and above all, much needed social distancing. One can expect more flexibility, only when heading back to work especially at Sathguru.

Though office is an official space, it gives us the much needed opportunity for interaction, bonding, sharing lighter moments and spending valuable time with colleagues over a cup of tea or lunch. After more than a year and a half of pandemic and work from home, employees like me would definitely jump with excitement of going back to office. The zeal in having Tea with colleagues, short-walks, eagerness in attending meetings in conference room rather than a zoom calls or webinars etc., will not be missed anymore, of course not to forget to follow COVID-19 protocols like wearing masks and maintaining social distance while at office and in meetings. That’s not to say people working from home waste time as it was once considered as “shirking from work”. Amidst pandemic, employers framed a trust factor towards their employees working from home giving them the leverage of doing household chores, kids’ education, etc., during working hours. In fact, people had time to pursue their hobbies, in my case I got some extra “ME TIME” to exercise, which is a great stress reliever and I explored few techniques on gardening too.

Work from home  

Work from home has certainly created a boundary between work and leisure. It’s always important to create and maintain a routine that helps minimize our distractions and focus more on outcome. Most of us got into a habit of waking up late and immediately attending to office routines and giving a miss to the regular morning activities which keeps us brisk throughout the day. In due course, we could see our interest fading away to get dressed formally and pamper ourselves which was once adored by us. We all have adapted ourselves to the new normal and in this transition time, let us also not forget our schedule which we followed religiously.

Hybrid Model

As most of the companies adopted different hybrid models, creating a comfort and flexi work environment for their associates, it is important for companies to give a cushion to settle down and reboot them to switch over their career routine to the normal schedule. On the other hand, it is not feasible for all the companies to adopt this model and in such transition, it’s always better to adhere to the company norms and gradually get back to the regular work culture and routine.

I am immensely excited being back at my work-station @ Sathguru, the great place to work and my favorite destination where I have the freedom to explore & implement innovative thoughts with creative ideas.


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