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Indian Pesticide Industry Outlook

India exhibits immense potential in becoming the crop protection hub globally by leveraging on its current market strengths and focus on building holistic R&D ecosystem through strategic partnerships.

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Bacillus strains evaluated that promote the growth of tomato plants under salt stress conditions: Scientists at Embrapa environment evaluated the functional potential of Bacillus strains that promote the growth of tomato plants cultivated under stress conditions. Four isolates out of 154 Bacillus strains were selected that improved the growth of tomato plants and also reduced the severity of Fusarium wilt by more than 50 %.
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Drones to chemically control the psyllid, in Western Citrus farming: In partnership with the startup Anáhata Serviços Agronômicos, Fundecitrus has demonstrated the efficiency of using drones to chemically control the psyllid, an insect that transmits greening. The application was effective with mortality rate above 80%. The work is pioneering, as there is no record of using a drone for chemical control of the psyllid in western citrus farming.
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Purple tomatoes to serve as a source for food dye Betanin: Leibniz Institute of Plant Biochemistry, have recently created purple tomatoes by inserting the genes responsible for the biosynthesis of betanin into the plants and activated these in the ripening fruit. These purple fruits can serve as a source for the food dye betanin and initial trials to dye yogurt and lemonade showed promising results.
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BASF and Vipergen fast-tracks R&D process of Sustainable Crop Protection Products: BASF partners with a global leader in research services- Vipergen for their new age technologies, that allows the testing of novel chemical compounds directly on target proteins in living cells, thereby accelerating the identification of new active ingredients in a quick and efficient manner.
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Brazil based bioinsecticide product displays high efficiency against fall armyworm : A highly effective bio product launched in Brazil composes of the Baculovirus spodoptera multiple nucleopolyhedrovirus (SfMNPV) virus that acts after the caterpillar ingests it when sprayed on the leaves and takes around 5 days for control.
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Pusa Arhar-16 holds potential to reduce India’s dependence on imports: As per IARI scientist, Pusa Arhar-16 variety hold potential to crop diversification along with conserving natural resources and maintaining soil health. It will further help in boosting production, thereby reducing dependence on imports.
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